The 1st SmileStory®

After encouragement from a friend, Chris Bohinski created a blog and it centered around smiling. Everyone does it. Everyone has one. Everyone can relate to it. His first few postings, written by Chris, all chronicled something that made him smile. Chris termed each of these entries a SmileStory.


After a few postings, Chris had the desire to have a guest contributor be a part of this new blog venture. One winter evening, he waited outside a Broadway stage door to ask Paige Davis of Trading Spaces, to share a #SmileStory of her very own on his blog. Paige enthusiastically agreed and the very next day sent him an email detailing some things that made her smile. Feeling more motivated than ever, Chris then encouraged his family and friends to also be guest contributors. Within a month, his blog contained many guest contributions. Around this same time, he happened to be working alongside singer Jason Derulo and asked him if he too would be interested in being a guest contributor on this smile blog venture. Knowing the time he had with Jason was brief, Chris suggested he film his response to the 4-word question, “What makes you smile?” He complied. This inaugural video entry garnered more engagement than all of his previous posts combined.


Chris then began to focus on seeking out personalities to interview for his smile mission. Not being affiliated with any networks or agencies made that process tough. But before he knew it, Chris started to receive press passes for red carpet events. Bette Midler, Steve Martin, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman have all shared their own unique SmileStory! They all have recognized his mission to spread happiness, positivity, and joy. 


Soon Chris garnered a new nickname: Boh the Smile Guy. 


While interviewing The Today Show’s Natalie Morales, she said, “I appreciate you. There needs to be more people like you. I believe in you.” Along with his web series that showcases him interviewing folks on the red carpet at opening nights and philanthropic events, Boh the Smile Guy also shares unique SmileStory® contributions across other mediums. He has been featured in magazine & newspapers print publications, on live on-air radio spots, and on national & regional television programs. And because of his efforts to share his smile with his hometown, Boh the Smile Guy was presented with 2 mayoral Proclamations of Appreciation for creating & executing multiple free fall festival events that most recently saw over 1000 attendees & volunteers. President Barack Obama was moved so much by Chris's mission to share smiles with these Smile Day celebrations that he personally sent him a letter with his stamp of approval of all things SmileStory℠.

Currently, Chris does not have any managerial representation and is happy 

to entertain sponsorships and hosting gigs. He wants to continue sharing his smile with the world and maybe you are just the right person to do that?! If you'd like to get in touch with Chris, you can email him directly at


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April 2020 Update:

As many folks know, Chris most recently had recreated back home to northeastern Pennsylvania to become a primary caregiver to his mother who sadly passed away in August 2019. Stay tuned and updated with Chris's life on!