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1 Year for Mom in Heaven

It is totally surreal to know that today marks 1 year since mom has joined dad in Heaven. Quitting my job in NYC & moving back home to act as her full-time caregiver for what turned into close to 3 years, was the best decision of my life. Most of that time, we were confined to just staying home because of her physical limitations but that did not stop us from having SO MUCH FUN together. Through multiple hospital stays, mom showed me that there truly is always something to be glad about. I sure do miss sleeping in the recliner next to hers in the kitchen...and yes you read that correctly. We made a good team and I think about mom & dad every single hour of every single day. I know everything happens for a reason, but I want my mom & dad back. They were both so young and were dealt the cancer card so unfairly. But I have to trust in His vision. 👼💛🙏💜👼

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