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Ready to Smile?

Hi there! My name is Chris Bohinski and have decided to create a blog. I could begin by telling you about me, but it is my hope that you’ll get to know me through my blog postings.

After living in fast-paced New York City for the past 1 1/2 years (having moved from northeastern Pennsylvania), the range of emotions I have experienced and witnessed is unreal and surprising. My favorite emotion? Happiness.

With this blog, I desire to document what makes me smile in the anticipation that it will make you smile as well :) I look forward to sharing my stories with you, as well as learning about your #SmileStory.

So what made me smile this week? Well in particular, I had the honor and privilege to record a “Song of Love”. The Songs of Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides personalized uplifting songs, free of charge, for children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. The song, which was for a 6-year old named Lucy, was written and arranged just for me by Songs of Love’s founder John Beltzer.

I realize everyone lives a busy life, so I will keep this in mind when writing my blog postings. Are you smiling yet? What made you smile this week?

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