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Snow Smiles

Ya know that feeling at the end of the day when you just want to turn doorknob and crawl right into bed? Well that was me last night. After a day of meetings, Zumba class, an interview, & a comedy show, the only hurdle I needed to complete was walking home from the bus stop.

At this point it was well past midnight, and the air was chillingly crisp. As I was on my way to the apartment, I noticed a man trying to shovel his van out of its parking spot. New York City had a historic snowfall this past weekend with many places receiving over 25 inches of snow…just on Saturday! Needless to say, you can tell that this man’s van was parked in that spot since at least Friday. From afar, it appeared to be just a mound of snow. I continued on my way and then paused. I started walking back towards him. This time I passed him again and made my way to the nearby gas station. I asked the attendant if I would be able to borrow their shovel to help this man out. He obliged.

I put my bags on the ground (well really in a pile of snow near the car) and said “Need some help?”. The instant smile on this man’s face illuminated the dimly-lit street. Remember it was about 12:30am at this point, but the radiance that came from his smile when I offered an extra set of hands to shovel was as bright as the sun! My “tiredness” was quickly turned into JOY because of Miguel’s infectious smile. After some assistance, he was able to get his van out of the spot. He graciously thanked me for stopping to help, and I graciously thanked for him allowing me to help. What began as a fleeting glance with a stranger ended in a new kinship with Miguel.

I had an unexpected #SmileStory with Miguel early this morning when I stopped to help a stranger. Have you had a “surprise” #SmileStory this week? If you didn’t, I challenge you to find one :) Share your smiles with others on Twitter using the hashtag #SmileStory and tweeting them to@NYCSmile4Me

Have a blessed day!

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