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  • Chris Bohinski

Hot Chocolate?

Picture it: It’s midnight. You’re working in production on a set that is filming a television show. Your location is along the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge. By this time, the temperature has dropped to about 25 degrees (which really seems like -8 degrees because you’ve been outside since 3pm). The director shouts “ACTION”! There is a tap on your shoulder and the set decorator, Zues, is holding two cups. He then says, “Hot chocolate?”, to which he acknowledges your smile as a silent ‘yes’.

I found it very admirable that a guy, whom was merely a stranger just a few hours prior, thought of me when getting his hot chocolate. Mother Teresa beautifully said, “In this life we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love.”

I think it is important to remember the impact we can individually have on someone else. The world moves so fast and time passes quickly, but it is in our best interest to live in the moment. I truly appreciated Zues for his generosity, but more importantly appreciated Zues for his human compassion. His gesture was priceless!

As I’ve said in a prior blog posting, it is my hope that YOU too will share your smiles with NYCSmile4Me! I’m currently working with some folks who are going to be the first 2 #SmileStory guest contributors. I look forward to sharing their smiles with you :) Be kind!

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