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Can You Hear Me Now?

If someone asks for a list of hobbies, most people would say “spending time with friends and family”. These 2 ‘f’ words have a unique meaning to whomever you ask.

My parents were married for 35 years, before my father’s untimely passing from brain cancer in 2013. I am a younger brother to both a sister and brother. I am fortunate to have a family that loves and cares for each other, and are a constant support system for one another. Now with my siblings both recently getting married, my family is even more love-filled.

Since moving to NYC to pursue my dream of performing, I chat daily with my mom & grandma on the telephone. It is in these conversations that the fast-paced, sometimes stressful, life of New York City seems to soften and whisper to me “everything is going to be okay”. It doesn’t matter the topic of discussion in that particular phone conversation, but I know there will be many smiles being exchanged throughout it.

On a not-so-fun work day or lonely afternoon or the rejection after an audition, I know that when I talk with my best friends I will have a smile on my face :)

Do you have a ‘phone buddy’ that makes you happy? Does something else make you smile?

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