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Play Ball!

I was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania, and attended college at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia. During my first few semesters at WJU, I met Shane Sullivan. Shane and I didn’t have any common classes and weren’t really involved in the same extra-curricular activities, but were friends since studying at a smaller campus situated on 64 acres with only one freshmen boy’s dormitory allows you to see a lot of familiar faces. I always thought of Shane as the “friendly

guy on the baseball team”; it wasn’t until after Shane transferred to another school and was able to stay in touch with him via Facebook, that I realized the strong work ethic that Shane embodied.

Shane, to me and many of my peers, is very inspiring. Shane created an online baseball community under the username @ShtBallPlayrsDo (handles on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Periscope!). Now I do not consider myself a devoted baseball fan but I instantly became attracted to follow his brand. Fast forward to 2016, and Shane has created an empire with @ShtBallPlayrsDo and his very successful website, which is the home for the best baseball content on the web WRITTEN by ball players. When I approached Shane to share a Smile Story with NYC Smile 4 Me, he immediately said yes; and to that I am very grateful knowing how busy of a guy he is! Thank you Shane for the smile you have given me while watching you grow into a successful man. I’m honored to call you my friend. Here is Shane’s #SmileStory:

A smile story… when Chris told me about the idea, I realized how lucky I am because it wasn’t hard for me to think of many occasions when someone made me smile when I least expected it. I run a baseball media company & social network around We’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, and our iTunes podcast. This platform allows me to engage with tons of people every day. For years we’ve been using it to positively affect as many people as we can through the game of baseball, whether that be training or equipment tips, recruiting advice, or just entertainment.

Recently a couple of our followers reached out on Snapchat to give us some feedback on a new training tip we recently sent out. It was a simple suggestion of a workout routine in the weight room to perform 3-5 hours before game time.

Now I have no certifications as a trainer or a degree in exercise science, but I did work with those that do have higher qualifications to put some stuff together. Working out on game day goes against most common sense but can definitely have some benefits if done properly. It was something I experimented with in college and had great results with, so the conversation came up and I wanted to share! I’m in no way responsible for the success these athletes had with the program, but a couple of them tried it out, and had great results. At the very least, it gave them a boost in confidence, which was probably more the reason they had the success they did. Either way, it was a great smile moment for me knowing that I could help in such a small way with something so important to them. Nothing makes a high school athlete happier than succeeding at the sport they love. We put out so much content, it’s nice to hear some positive feedback on the effects some of it has.

Help enough people get what they want, you’ll get everything you want. ~ Zig Ziglar

Has someone’s advice ever helped you?

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