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Captain Morgan

Aside from his various television, film, and voice-over roles, you’ll recognize Josh Burrow from his portrayal of Captain Morgan in the rum’s global media campaign. Josh is a very strikingly handsome man and if you happened to pick up a recent issue of “Esquire” magazine, you’ll know he was featured on their Fall/Winter 2015 cover!

I first met Josh while working as a production assistant on the film All In Time. My first day on set with Josh, he had a bit of a cold. Josh had conversationally asked if anyone had cough drops. No one did. I stopped by a convenient store to pick some up while I was waiting to drive another of the film’s actors from their hotel to set. I handed the cough drops to Josh when I returned. Although it was just a $2 pack of lozenges, you would have thought I gave him a brick of gold. I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with Josh post-film, and have been able to witness more of his very kind & generous spirit.

Here is Josh’s #SmileStory:

It was March 2001 when I moved to NYC. I had been here about 3 months and was getting the whole “subway thing” dialed in, and as you know the subway can be very interesting. I was riding the “A” uptown train late one morning, so it’s not too jam packed with room enough to stand but not enough to have a seat. At one of the train’s stops, this dude walked on. He was a very big kid in his late teens. His appearance was rough and tough looking, he was wearing a North Carolina Tar Heels t-shirt with baggy grey sweatpants and had a serious tone about him.

He moved to the middle of the train, and that caused a few people to shuffle to give him more room. While the subway’s doors closed, he slowly reached over his shoulder to his back; this caused many eyes to grow wide, mine included. All the while, he was reaching for a violin. This kid proceeded to slay it! He played a beautiful, classical piece; I mean a flawless dramatic moving piece. Everyone on the train stared…mouths agape.

The entire train applauded when he finished. Many of the passengers gave him money for his performance; and once the doors opened, he was off. This was also my stop so I got off too. This ‘Urban Chopin’ was just in front of me when he walked by a homeless lady. As he passed her, he shoved all the money he got from his train performance into her hand and kept on walking. I felt my heart stop after what I had just witnessed; I smiled so big for so long. This was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and it all began underground somewhere in a tunnel under New York City.

This seemingly random guy made an incredible impact upon Josh. Has a complete stranger ever had this effect on you and made you smile?

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