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Family Smiles

Smiles are beautiful; and sharing YOUR smile is a beautiful thing to do. Recently 2 family members shared their #SmileStory in the comment sections underneath individual blog postings.

I am so thankful to be part of the same family as Sandy Dzury. Her positive outlook on life is admirable. Here’s a summary of Sandy’s #SmileStory:

I went to George’s doctor’s appointment and ran into a person I hadn’t seen in years. Then later that night, I went to the bowling alley for a late coffee with friends. I love being connected on Facebook with all of my cousins & family because I am able to see how everyone is doing well and succeeding in life; that brings warmth to my heart. I also remember all of my family that have passed on and realize how blessed I was to have had them in my life.

My aunt Andrea is one of the strongest, most courageous women I know. She is the true definition of a champion. Here’s Andrea’s #SmileStory:

Today I smiled because of Ann McLaughlin and Jodi Brown of Hershey Medical Center. I had spoken to Ann today regarding help with prescription drug costs. I had a stroke a year ago and have not worked for a year. I also have no health insurance since I currently do not have a job and cannot afford the insurance on since my funds are limited. My prescriptions are due to run out this month, March. I only needed help with one prescription, Atorvastatin. I was quoted a price of $272 at Rite Aid. The other 2 are low-priced generics.

I called Ann, thanks to Jodi Brown at Hershey Medical Center. Ann works with people in the area to help them with their Rx drugs. However, normally, the prescription program is really for people who have a prescription written from a doctor at Hershey Med Center. I moved from the Northeastern PA area in October and lost my insurance in December. My previous doc was from the NEPA area, not a Hershey doc.

THANKFULLY, Ann persisted and advised that I shop around and named 5 pharmacies….the first one being WalMart. I called my local WalMart Pharmacy and was quoted $30 for a 30-day supply!!!! $90 for a 90-day supply!!!!!! WOW!!!!! This relieved me and dropped my stress level about this issue. I knew there were differences in pharmacy’s retail costs for drugs but NEVER thought it was such a large discrepancy!

So, I am really happy that I can get a refill at my WalMart Pharmacy and continue to take my medication. THANKS also to WALMART for all of their purchasing power and ability to place this drug at such an affordable price!!

I must also thank the nurse at Dr. Simon’s office at Hershey Med Center….I think her name is Pam. She was the one who got this ball rolling and told me to contact Jodi’s department after my first attempt was met with a representative that was not helpful at all. She too cared enough to push me to keep going. I will say it has not been an easy journey since the stroke and not everyone is as helpful as these 3 great women……thank you thank you thank you!

Can you relate to either Sandy’s or Andrea’s smiles?

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