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Simply Smiling

Do you have a friend that finishes your sentences? Or knows exactly what you’re thinking when you’re thinking it? Or can sense your emotions before you even feel them? Or can make you laugh by just looking at you in a certain way? That person for me is Avery Petrucci.

I have been close friends with Avery since 2010. One of my favorite memories with Avery was back when we were attending Wheeling Jesuit University and we entered the “Roommate Game.” This was a traveling game show that visited college campuses that was very similar to the “Newlywed Game”…just instead of newlyweds the contestants were college roommates! Needless to say, Avery and I both entered since the rules never technically stated you needed to be roommates. Well we ended up winning the game!!

Our 6 years of friendship have allowed us to share the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Thank you for all of the smiles you give me Avery; I am so thankful for your presence in my life. Here is Avery’s #SmileStory:

Good evening! And salutations from the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland!! I am a full time, night-shift respiratory therapist and recently was accepted into Sacred Heart University’s inaugural Physician Assistant Program (SMILES!!!!). I happen to witness first-hand the effect of simply smiling can have on someone.

Working in a Level 1 trauma hospital, I have experienced the best and worst of medicine. I mean, I have frantically had to save a life and also sadly have had to take one away. Sometimes in healthcare we forget the human spirit is what keeps us going. Smiling at a family member, co-worker or a doctor can make one’s night go from awful to hopeful by sharing a glimmer of sunshine!! Never forget that a handshake, tap on the shoulder, and a smile can reinforce the power of human connection. Life is stressful, hard and frankly, quite unfair. However, we all have something the other does not and we all have something to smile about & be thankful for. This is a beautiful thing. I look forward to sharing more smiles with NYC Smile 4 Me!

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