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My Best Friend <3

My mom is my best friend. We share laughs & tears, and everything in-between. Writing a brief introduction to my mom’s #SmileStory is tricky because there are SO many things I want to include in it about our friendship!

One favorite ‘pastime’ my mom and I enjoy once-in-a-while is to splurge & treat ourselves at the Chinese food buffet. After indulging ourselves with stir fry, chicken prepared 18 different ways, a few tasty concoctions we still aren’t sure what they are, and mystery sushi, we always end with dessert! While eating our ice cream, we open our fortune cookies. After sharing with one another the fortune & lucky numbers, we attempt to read and guess the “Learn Chinese” word on the other side of the fortune. Of course the 1st guess is a total guess, but after that we make it a game of “Password” and give each other one-word clues in order to guess the word. Playing ‘our game’ always makes us smile…especially since we usually have a pile of fortunes by the time we are done with dessert!

Here is my mom’s #SmileStory:

Hello, I am Christopher’s mom, Barbara Bohinski. I will start at the beginning…the day of our fourth child’s birth on November 29. We did not know the sex of our expected child before time. As a result we had not chosen any names. Our child was a boy! He was robust, cute, healthy…he was perfect! Dad always loved the name Christopher. He loved it because “Christ” was part of that name. I liked the name but thought it was too long.

I gazed at our beautiful child that God blessed us with and knew he was a “CHRISTopher!” On that day my heart smiled at our choice of our new son’s name. I started to feel the specialness of his name that Christopher’s dad felt all along! Now 25 years later and with Chris’ dad being deceased 3 years from brain cancer, my heart and my mind ‘smiles’ even more because I know “Christ” will always be with our baby son as he proudly carries his “perfect name.”

Christopher’s dad somehow knew that the name, “CHRISTopher James” (I added the James and made his name even longer…smile :) !) would serve him so well as he journeyed through life. His perfect moniker now is a welcome reminder of ‘Christ’ in him and with him! I have found immense joy and comfort in saying, “Hello Christopher this is mom,” and in writing “Dear Christopher.” And boy does that make me SMILE! Shining brightly through a name comes the awesome power of God! An unexpected blessing…for sure! Do you know “CHRISTopher James” that God is forever smiling upon you!?!

I love you,

Mom xoxoxoxoxoxo

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