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Lourds Lane is driven by a singular mission — to help others discover their inner superhero. Lourds is the book, music, and lyrics writer of the Broadway-bound musical, “Chix 6”, which is a story about a female comic book artist who learns to love herself with the help of her own superheroine creations. Lourds is also the founder and visionary behind The SuperYou FUNdation which impacts thousands of youth in schools globally by helping students realize “the Superhero is YOU.”

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Lourds after our church service and was thrilled when she agreed to share one of her smiles via her #BeautyNinja2016 movement with my “NYC Smile 4 Me” blog! Here is Lourds’ #SmileStory:

Every day, I seek to find beauty — to find a smile, give a smile, or both. There is tribe of BeautyNinja’s who have joined me with my mission and we hashtag #beautyninja2016 to collect our photos and stories. Below is a recent BeautyNinja story that ends with a smile. Hope you end up smiling too.

I see beauty. The cashier girl at Balducci’s has the most awesomely magical constellation of freckles on her face. When I was in the front of the line, I just had to tell her. “Your freckles are so happy. I love them so much!” She kept her head down and didn’t look at me. Not even a little. “Thanks,” she muttered as she continued to check me out. I peered under her cap to find her eyes. “Do you not love them?” I asked. “Hate them. Cover them up sometimes.” My heart took over my mouth. “Oh my gosh! Why? They’re so amazing!!” Still no eye contact. Not even a little. Her happy freckles called out to me so I had to ask. “I take pictures of beauty. Would you mind if I take yours?” I finally saw her eyes. “Allllllllllllllright.” Snap. (left-hand side photo). I put the phone down and smiled at her. “Hey, you really should know that you`re beautiful.” Snap. (right-hand side photo). We said goodbye. When I turned around, she wiped her eyes on her sleeve… and she was still smiling. Just a little.

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