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I Love Lucy

It’s a true testament to the ingenuity of the “I Love Lucy” sitcom, that first aired in 1951, that it is still relevant today. I can truthfully say I have watched every single “I Love Lucy” episode…and many of them multiple times! Keith Thibodeaux is most famously known for his portrayal of Little Ricky, whom was the television son of Lucy (Lucille Ball) & Ricky (Desi Arnaz) Ricardo on this wildly popular series.

Keith’s involvement in the arts has flourished throughout his life. Keith currently is co-executive & artistic director of Ballet Magnificat! alongside his wife Kathy.

The key missions of Ballet Magnificat! (@BalletMag & @BalletMagnificat) are to:

  • To present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the widest possible audience through the medium of dance, dance/drama, and personal witness

  • To help in the restoration of dance as a worshipful part of the life of the Church, by exploring with congregations the part that movement and action can play in the expression of faith

  • To present public performances for special audiences, such as children’s homes, hospitals, prisons, and senior citizen’s centers, in recognition of their special place in the eyes of God

  • To provide a visual and artistic witness to the arts community in particular

  • To fulfill Jesus’ command in Mark 16:15 through international tours, workshops, and resident dance ministers

I was ecstatic when Keith Thibodeaux agreed to share his smile with my “NYC Smile 4 Me” blog!!

Here is Keith’s #SmileStory:

My grandson, Bryson, who will be turning 2 years old on May 22, makes me a happy granddad. Bryson especially makes my smile when he plays the drums. Watching him playing the drums and enjoying himself, allows myself to revisit my younger self. Music played such an integral part of my childhood, as it still does today, so I find it just amazing to witness the generational skip this drum passion has on my grandson.

I have incorporated many different drumming styles (i.e. Buddy Rich, etc.) into Bryson’s “lessons”. Some of my grandson’s favorite sounds & tones are when I am sharing Christian worship music with him. I sometimes put him on my lap and pull up musical videos on my laptop for him to watch, and he really enjoys when the cameraman zooms in on the drummer! I look forward to continuing this mutual passion of drumming with him; and who knows, maybe Bryson will be the next Little Ricky?!

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