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Smile Mission Growth

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I know your time is valuable, and have always kept that in mind when posting to this blog.

2 months ago, I began this Smile Mission to spread positivity, happiness, & joy. NYC Smile 4 Me is meant to be a space that chronicles how NYC makes me smile, and showcases YOUR (Yippee, Original, Unexpected, and Retrospective) smiles from wherever you find them.

Has something recently made you smile? Can you look back on your week and find a smile? Is there a defining smile moment from your past that makes you happy every time you think of it? What makes you smile? These are a few example prompts that you can answer when sharing your #SmileStory. There are no wrong smiles, so please know that the smile you want to share is perfect!

Smiles are universal and it’s free to smile J The great thing about sharing your unique smile is that you control the length/duration of it!

Again, the mission of this Smile Movement is to spread positivity, happiness, & joy. ALL smiles are beautiful and the journey thus far with has been beautiful. Remember, any smile is perfect when it is shared with others.

#Happiness #Positivity #Joy #NYCSmile4Me #ChrisBohinski #BohtheSmileGuy #SmileStory

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