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Monarch Smiles

Since graduating college together in 2013, Angela Montesano & I have kept in touch. We have bonded over our mutual love of nature, especially birds & butterflies. I was so happy when Angela (@montesano_goingtothesun). shared her smile with me. Here is Angela’s #SmileStory:

Hi, my name is Angela and I’m sold out for Jesus! I love mountains, reading, dogs, and sunshine! I have a whole lot of love for road tripping in my faithful Toyota. I’m totally thankful for my family and friends! I will graduate from WVU with my master’s degree in literacy this May. I’m a foodie who loves to raise monarch butterflies. And I like to do rad stuff!

Yes, I’m standing inside of a “Five Guys” burger joint because when you realize that you want to share a #SmileStory you get a picture of you in that spot! I’m looking around at all the amazing people here; people whose lives may not be perfect, but they are finding joy in their togetherness with their family and friends. I smile because even when life gets hard, I still believe that there is ALWAYS something to smile about. Sometimes the sun is shining and sometimes I have to MAKE my own sunshine. I encourage everyone to compliment someone today. Tell someone you appreciate them. Walk up to a total stranger. Call your mother. Make someone smile. Life is too short not to try to make life a little better for someone! Be someone’s sunshine!!!!!

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