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When Nashville and Football Meet

Here is Bridget Welsh‘s #SmileStory:

After I graduated from college, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to get my MBA as a ‘plan B’ (I had never taken a business course in my life and needed an excuse to move somewhere fun), dropped out after the first day of class, and then spent the next year as a waitress. During that year I figured things out; I applied to graduate school and am currently earning my doctorate degree in occupational therapy at Belmont University. I couldn’t be happier!

Since I live in Nashville, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many famous country music singers, and trust me: I’m an overly excited fan girl about each one. But this past Monday night was a completely different story! Lee Brice and Shay (from Dan + Shay) were on stage (I was already fangirling at this point), and then Peyton Manning shows up! This was totally unexpected!

I’ve gotten used to running into famous people since moving to Nashville, but when the beloved quarterback & Super Bowl 50 champ walks into the bar, everyone is caught off guard. Peyton got on stage and sang (not so well) “I Shot a Man in Reno” and “Rocky Top”. AND I WAS IN THE FRONT ROW! I don’t think there’s a single football fan out there that doesn’t like that man. He politely declined my request to take a selfie, but offered me his hand instead. I’m still in shock that I met Peyton Manning on a random Monday night at the appropriately named bar ‘Winners’! Everyone in the audience started chanting “one more year”, but I don’t think a tiny bar full of Nashvillians managed to change his mind about retirement. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get!

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