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"Mrs. Foxx"

Here is Cheryl Mason’s #SmileStory:

My name is Cheryl and I was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. I now call Fredericksburg, VA my home, where I am the business owner of “Dress 2 Impress Today, Fashions, Accessories, & Novelties”. I am also into health & wellness product distribution and Pastor at the Church of Living Waters.

You know, some people are so gifted in making others happy; and Chris Bohinski did that for me last year while working alongside him at the US Open tennis matches in New York City. I’ve longed for happiness in my life since the most recent passing of my husband, my love, and my best friend. Meeting Chris made such an imprint on my heart.

During lunch breaks, we would sing songs; sometime singing spiritual songs, all the while giving God praise. The highlight of my time with Chris was when he introduced me to Jamie Foxx. I idolize Jamie, he is my shining star! Only God knows what I felt at that moment: it was like every burden being lifted off of me and I will NEVER forget that. I thanked Mr. Foxx for being such a charismatic inspiration to me. Even though I didn’t look my best, his embrace was so warm and becoming. Jamie even agreed to take a photo with me!

Chris, your “NYC Smile 4 Me” smile mission is a wonderful concept & I LOVE it! I want the world to know that you (Chris Bohinski) made me smile and I am still smiling & crying with heartfelt joy because God used you to make me so happy; that was one of the best days of my life. I look forward to seeing you and singing with you again. Much LOVE to you!

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