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Sister Smiles

My big sister Chesla (neat name, right?!) is the best! She is caring & loving & supportive & wise &

always finds the positive in life. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful influence in my life. Here is my Chesla’s #SmileStory:

I am blessed to have many stories that put a smile on my face! J The corny & cute stories are always fun to tell, but I am going to share a story that has truly touched me in an unexpected way.

Recently when I was faced with an unanticipated difficulty, I was overcome with lots and lots of stress. I kept telling myself that everything happens for a reason and that I must trust in His plan, but the stress didn’t let up.

On my way to dinner at a friend’s house, I stopped at a local store called “Everything Natural” to browse its wares. Upon entering, I was attracted to an Alex and Ani jewelry display. I love jewelry, so of course I checked it out!

In a sense I was just window shopping with no intention of buying something, but then I saw it: a bangle bracelet with an acorn/tree charm that was titled “Unexpected Miracles”. On the card that accompanied the bracelet, it read: “The humble acorn holds the potential of the mighty oak. Sometimes, the biggest blessings come in the smallest packages. Recognize and receive the serendipitous gifts of the universe. Miracles come when you least expect them. Open your mind, heart, and soul to receiving life’s unexpected blessings.”

In that moment, I smiled softly as I reflected on what I was facing; those words reinforced my trust in Him that I would overcome my difficulty one way or another. Before entering that store, I didn’t realize why I was dealt this new challenge. However upon leaving the store, with my new bracelet on, I had a fresh perspective & outlook on the situation. I had uncovered an unexpected miracle!

I wear the “Unexpected Miracles” bracelet on a regular basis, and I remember that inside of me (and inside each of us) is a mighty oak tree that can uncover unexpected miracles in any problem that comes my (our) way. This was an amazing blessing for me and one that always make me smile!

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