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The NEPA Creative Series: Wilkes-Barre man seeks the source of smiles

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Chris Bohinski, of Wilkes Barre, is the 31st #NEPACreative of 2017.

Chris is also known as “Boh the Smile Guy” and he is on a smile mission to spread happiness, positivity and joy by asking the question, “What Makes You Smile?”

The why behind Chris’ mission is simple yet powerful: Everyone smiles!

“NYC Smile 4 Me highlights the common trait of smiling and showcases the unique things that make an individual smile,” Bohinski explained. “My #SmileStory interviews all begin with that same four-word question (What makes you smile?), and the response received informs me on my follow-up interaction with them. Nothing is scripted or rehearsed, and this smile mission celebrates the creativity of people when describing the things that make them smile.”

According to Chris, NYC Smile 4 Me began as a written blog about a year ago and has now morphed into a video interview series. His YouTube channel has over 1,000,000 views and has featured guests like Morgan Freeman, Bette Midler and Beyoncé.

Chris is grateful for the NEPA support he has received since returning home from New York City. “Now that I’m moved back home to help my mom get stronger throughout her recovery from a recent health diagnosis, it is my hope to collaborate with area venues, like the F. M. Kirby Center, to interview some of the talent that they bring to the area,” Bohinski said. “My #SmileStory is my family and I cannot be more thankful to be in a situation that allows me to temporarily move back home to be with my best friend on her road to recovery.”

To Chris, being creative means sharing his smile with others and having other share their smiles with him.

Learn more about his smile mission at

When being considered as an NEPA Creative, individuals are asked to explain how they bring creativity to the area, how long they have been doing it and why, and finally what being creative means to them. Once chosen, the next step is to bring each creative into CoalCreative’s studio space to be filmed for a 60 second video that is shared every Wednesday across all their social media platforms. The series plans to highlight all sorts of creatives throughout the rest of the year. There are no limits to who could be considered. Photographers, musicians, barbers, magicians and improv artists are just a handful of the submissions CoalCreative has received thus far.

To be considered for the series, submit a consideration form at or send an email to

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