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Smiles with Danny 🚌

Throughout college, I was involved with an after-school mentoring program. For most of that time, I was partnered with a young man named Danny. For 3 years, 6th grade then 7th grade then 8th grade Danny and I ate dinner together every Wednesday in our campus cafeteria, worked on homework, and participated in team-building games with the other mentors & mentees...always doing those things with a smile!

A few days ago, Danny sent me an encouraging message after seeing some of the recent press for my smile mission. Today I spoke with him, now 20 years old, on the phone and I could not be more proud of the man that he is becoming. So Danny, this post is dedicated to a kind-hearted, funny, smart, inspiring, and mature young man... YOU!

P.S. This is one of my favorite photos from college, because it shows the pure joy that being paired up brought the both of us...and it also shows my hand right before that opossum bit me!

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