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Everyone was smiling in Wilkes-Barre Twp. on Oct. 21

It was a delightful day and very encouraging to witness more than 500 attendees who came out to enjoy the first “Smile Day” at the Wilkes-Barre Twp. fire hall on Saturday, Oct. 21.

After receiving a proclamation of appreciation from Mayor Carl Kuren, Chris Bohinski entertained the day’s guests with four hours of free events. Bingo games, coordinated by co-chair of activity, Caitlin Mackiewicz, were smile-themed and even had young local celebrity Noah Ritter (young TV personality known for his use of “apparently”) as a guest announcer. The tables were lined with dozens of beautifully packaged raffle baskets. Profits from the raffle benefited the township fire and police departments. The fire hall was filled with residents and non-residents, all enjoying hot dogs, pizza, cookies, cupcakes, and drinks while listening to the musical tunes provided by DJ Tom Gill and Mike Naperkowski who impersonated Elvis.

The children’s room featured games and activities including a duck pond, lollipop tree, dice game, ring toss, smile basketball, face painting, pumpkin painting, and a booth offering literature to our youth. The township police canine unit mingled with the crowd while a local frozen yogurt store’s penguin mascot posed with families for photos. The young children were thrilled sitting in the fire trucks and police cruiser parked outside the fire hall. An impromptu dance party was initiated by Chris’ sister, Dr. Chesla

Ann Lenkaitis, that even included Chris’ 93-year-old grandmother, Anna Bohinski, and more than two dozen others, all of which was captured on film by NYC Smile 4 Me’s producing editors Jessica Carollo and Mike Gombita. Additional photos of the day were snapped by Brittany Boote Photography studio.

The township fire hall was beautifully decorated with posters, banners, balloons, and a showstopper smile floral arrangement by Maureen’s Floral that was made especially for the presentation of the Dr. Stanley T. Bohinski Smile Day Award to WBRE-TV’s Mark Hiller.

“Mr. Smile” himself, Bohinski, would like to thank all of the sponsors, donors, volunteers, promoters, and attendees who helped make this inaugural Smile Day such a huge success. When asked what she thought of the day, Boh the Smile Guy’s mom, Barbara Bohinski, replied, “It is thrilling to think that my son was the reason that this celebration happened, and we are already getting interest from folks about next year’s Smile Day. I am one proud Momma Boh!” And, surely, Momma Boh, you certainly can be proud.

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