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Casa Hogar

Visiting Casa Hogar Alegre (CHA) orphanage in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico, has brought me great joy

since my first time visiting in 2014. In less than 20 days, I get to return to CHA to work alongside a team of 12 others who are just as passionate about these children’s precious lives, and who cannot wait to see all 80+ children’s smiling faces!

There are many things about going on this mission trip that make me smile. One, is that I get to leave all of my distractions back in the states, and focus on loving on the children and workers at Casa Hogar. We care for them by taking away some of their workload, even if for a week, so that they may find peace and rest from their day-to-day lives. We also teach them about Christ through fun lessons and stories, to help them know Him more. And all the while we are building friendships with them and contributing to happy memories, to help them forget the sad.

Another reason I smile is because I’m so encouraged by their faith in the Lord. Many of them have faced incredible obstacles and traumatic experiences, yet they trust fully in Him. I smile when we can exchange our testimonies and I can share my story with them (broken Spanish, and all) – in hopes that it may pour a little more hope into each other’s lives.

Casa Hogar Alegre continues to have a special place in my heart, and I’m excited for all the ways that it will continue to help the orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children of Mexico. To find out how you can help and to learn more about my mission trip, please visit:

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