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"From Fear to Courage" - William Hung Podcast Episode 1 featuring Boh the Smile Guy

NYC Smile 4 Me's Chris Bohinski was honored to have been chosen to be the inaugural guest on William Hung's new podcast From Fear to Courage, which most definitely is a #SmileStory! Click here to listen to Episode 1 featuring William Hung & Boh the Smile Guy as they chat about happiness, positivity, & joy!

A message from William Hung: Hi everyone, have you ever watched American Idol? I auditioned for American Idol a long time ago back in 2004 and Simon hated it. He said, "You can't sing, you can't dance, so what are you going to say?" I said, "I already gave my best. I have no regrets at all." Oh well, I thought that was it and I can live my normal life again. But then, all of a sudden, right after FOX broadcasted my audition, I was called out for being the worst singer ever and help portray Asian stereotypes. At that point, I had a choice to make. Do I want to come out and embrace being the "She Bangs" guy? Or do I want to hide in fear and just hope people will forget about me? I chose to stand up for myself. I realize that I can't please everybody and I don't need to. I believe that I can live my life with courage on my own terms, and you can do it too. In each of my episode, you will learn how you can turn your fears into courage so you can have a prosperous fulfilling life.

Thank you again William for the invite & Boh the Smile Guy especially thanks you for the new nickname you gave him: Chief Happiness Expert! :)

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