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4 Ways to Smile More!

4 Ways to Help Yourself Smile More While Waiting for Spring to Begin!


Want to smile more while waiting for Spring to arrive? Here are my 4 ways that help me find my smile in these sometimes cold & dreary days before those sunshine-y days of Spring greet us:

1. Crafts, crafts, crafts! Let your creative juices flow and create something! By the time your craft is finished, you will have already forgotten about the gloomy weather outside. Whatever it is, make a few of them so you can keep one and give the others to friends. Last year while Momma Boh was undergoing chemotherapy, I learned how to knit so I could make her hats to wear during her treatments. Momma Boh's currently on the road to recovery, so now I knit hats for friends, pediatric cancer organizations (watch a #SmileStory video that Momma Boh & I filmed with A Moment of Magic), and even as giveaways on the website! 👑

2. Learn something new! Who doesn't love a fun fact, right?! I recently pulled my "Fun Facts about Birds" book off the shelf and now Momma Boh & I make it a point to read at least 2 pages from it every day. Of course you never know when you'll be asked trivia about ostriches or turkeys, but when you are, you'll be ready! Did you know that the Kakapo is the only parrot that cannot fly? And that no other parrot is as big at the Kakapo!? Well, now you do! 📚

3. Share in the #SmileStory of someone else! Let's face it, if you're reading this post, you're on some sort of electronic device. I enjoy browsing the web and finding cute & funny postings from other folks. One site that always makes me smile is Pop Goes the Week. I would have never known about this joyful puppy video, but now that I do, I am in LOVE! 🐶

4. Text or call someone! Give someone a ring and share some cheer! And if it goes to voicemail, sing them a song. I LOVE to leave someone a song during a voicemail; it's a like a surprise concert just for them! (The song that has been stuck in my head lately? Joke's on You by Dani-elle.) And if you can't chat on the phone, shoot someone a quick text with an encouraging message and fun emojis. Just as smiles are contagious in person, your smiles spread via the telephone can be just as effective! 📱

NYC Smile 4 Me's mission is to spread happiness, positivity, and joy by chronicling Boh the Smile Guy asking the same 4-word question to everyone he meets, “What makes you smile?”

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