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Proclamation of Appreciation Presented to Chris Bohinski (Boh the Smile Guy)

😀 Because of his efforts to share his smile mission with his hometown, Boh the Smile Guy (Chris Bohinski) was presented with an official mayoral Proclamation of Appreciation that declared an official “Smile Day” in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pennsylvania on October 21, 2017, which included a capstone free fall festival event with free food & games that over 500 people attended! Here's what the proclamation stated:


In Appreciation for His Creation of NYC Smile 4 Me

Christopher James Bohinski

October 21, 2017

Wilkes-Barre Township hereby recognizes the outstanding accomplishment of Chris Bohinski,

creator of NYC Smile 4 Me. His smile mission aims to spread happiness, positivity, and joy by sharing the things that make folks smile. Bohinski, a resident of Wilkes-Barre Township, is also known as “Boh the Smile Guy” and is a frequent interviewer on the red carpet where he asks well-known personalities the 4-word question, “What Makes You Smile?”

Chris is the son of Mrs. Barbara Bohinski and the late Dr. Stanley T. Bohinski. Chris enjoys

making people happy and aims to show basic human kindness to everyone he meets. After graduating with distinct honors from Wheeling Jesuit University, Chris lived in New York City where he worked in the entertainment industry. Along with appearances on NBC’s The Today Show and a feature story in The New York Post, one of Chris’s biggest accomplishments has been the growth of his #SmileStory smile mission.

In honor of Chris Bohinski’s NYC Smile 4 Me, Saturday, October 21 st , 2017 will be declared

Smile Day in Wilkes-Barre Township.

It is a distinct honor to present this Proclamation of Appreciation to Christopher James Bohinski

for this wonderful mission he has undertaken.


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