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Commonwealth Smiles 🙏

Last night a tornado touched down about 2 miles away from my house in my hometown of Wilkes-Barre Twp, PA. Momma Boh & I had just been out shopping a few hours prior to this unexpected storm. We were without power for most of the night, but still managed to find some ways to smile. This tornado destroyed over 23 stores throughout our shopping plaza. Thankfully there were no serious injuries. The top story this AM on ABC’s Good Morning America was about this brutal weather in my town of W-B Twp, PA. Now with power being back on, we’re able to watch the LIVE newscasts from the scene & learn more about this violent storm via social media. So many folks are mentioning how our small town is being put on the map for a not-so-good reason. It makes me smile that so much of the commonwealth is beginning to help with the massive clean-up. And I’ll pledge my help in the form of more smiles! So help me put Wilkes-Barre Twp, PA on the map AGAIN...but now for a happier reason! Go to any of the NYC Smile 4 Me social media pages & share your #SmileStory during this scary & sad time for so many. 🙏

PA Governor Wolf visiting with storm damaged business owners & residents. (Photo by PEMA Director Rick Flinn)

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