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NBC's The Today Show 📺

😊 From our creator Boh the Smile Guy:

🦋 2 years ago while living in New York City, I was robbed at knife-point while riding the subway home with a friend. Later that week, I was on The Today Show being interviewed by the daughter of a former US President. Two weeks after that, my mom learned she would soon be undergoing chemotherapy. Today I'm planting butterfly bushes in our PA backyard. You better believe that I will continue to enjoy life's surprises & serendipity and its wonderful #SmileStory twists & turns. 📺

🇺🇸 Link to Boh's appearances on NBC's The Today Show:

#SmileStory #BohtheSmileGuy #ChrisBohinski #Happiness #Joy #MommaBoh #NYCSmile4Me #Positivity

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