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The New York Post

4 years ago, I did the scariest & most terrifying thing I have ever done...I agreed to appear shirtless in the nation's oldest continuously published daily newspaper: The New York Post. And over the course of the next 5 months, I would appear in the paper multiple times as they chronicled my journey as a contestant in their weight loss competition. During that process, I got to be interviewed by Dr. Phil! And was even set up on a blind date which was included in the paper, too! In the end, I ultimately won the contest and appeared in a FULL PAGE photo on the cover of their Pulse section. Since that day, I most definitely have been on the roller coaster ride of weight loss & gain but will always be proud of myself for facing that initial fear and appear without a shirt on for millions of people to see while drinking their morning coffee! 📰☕️ Now it's time to go workout! See ya! 💪

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