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Smile On!

We just found out that Boh the Smile Guy's article in this past September's issue of Guideposts magazine was one of their most shared stories of the year on their online website! An easy-to-read version of it can be found HERE. 👍📖 Also, we are still so lucky to be receiving messages from complete strangers who have happened upon a physical copy of our issue while sitting in the waiting room of their local hospital or doctor's office; thank you for your well wishes towards Momma Boh & her recovery! 🙏💜 You all are our #SmileStory for 2019! 👏😀

#SmileStory #BohtheSmileGuy #ChrisBohinski #Happiness #Joy #MommaBoh #NYCSmile4Me #Positivity #SmileDay #WheelingJesuitUniversity

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