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Village Bakery Smiles!

Hi there everyone! You all know that food is always a #SmileStory for me. And guess what?! I recently stumbled upon Village Bakery. Village Bakery is a worldwide resource built for cooks, by cooks. While browsing their website, I was impressed by the easy-to-follow recipes they have on their site as well as the latest homestyle cooking new, techniques, and kitchen tricks! 🍽

I particularly like "lists" so finding a whole review section dedicated to "best of" lists, most definitely made me smile! And to make it even sweeter (food pun intended), those individual postings include clickable links to purchase those items! Christmas 2019 Shopping: ✔️.

And if you live on the east coast, you probably have heard by now about the big snow storm we are expecting this weekend. While Momma Boh & I watch the snow fall through our kitchen window, I think I am going make us Thanksgiving Pumpkin Soup (a recipe I found on Village Bakery's website). It sure looks yummy and sounds like a hearty meal! So If I think I'm going to make this soup, I guess I better run to the store before all of the shelves are empty! 🎃

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