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O Say, Can You See

Boh the Smile Guy always enjoys the opportunity to serve others. One activity in particular he likes to volunteer & be involved with is the Special Olympics. Along with being a buddy to one of the Olympians, Boh would also open his college's ceremonies with the national anthem. One year while singing, he could hear one of the Olympians, whom he had never met before, singing along with him. Towards the end of our Star Spangled Banner, Boh walked over to this gentleman and handed him the microphone to finish the song. University administrator Jim Holt said of this interaction, "We all seem to go through life with deep questions for our fellow human beings. That afternoon, the interaction I saw between Chris and Mike was beautiful. Witnessing this special moment was witnessing the love of God. And that is the purest truth we can see. This is my #SmileStory for today." 🇺🇸🎶🎤

Watch the video HERE.

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