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Singing for Grandma Boh & Friends

One of Grandma Boh’s friends read in the newspaper that I’m a finalist next month in a singing competition & she asked me if I could sing her the song I’ll be performing. Of course I said yes to her request! 🎶 Well towards the end of the song, more & more residents of the living facility kept wheeling into the activity room. I ended up singing the same song a few more times, since more residents kept appearing, that even the staff shut off the tv since I had captured everyone’s attention. 📺 I was so happy to see my grandma smiling ear to ear & sitting so proud while she listened to me sing the same song over & over. I was equally as amused at one of the other residents, that despite having a front row seat (a seat she had chosen herself) to my performances, kept on proclaiming to the room, “Why can’t we put on the news now? C’mon let’s put on the tv. I feel sick.” To which the room kept telling her, “The news isn’t even on yet! Stop your complaining. Just listen to the boy!” Well you best believe I kept changing the lyrics of the song to fit the narrative that was unfolding in front of me. And at the end, everyone had a smile on their face...even the lady who so desperately needed to watch the tv. 😂

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