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Evening Grosbeak Smiles!

Woohoo! As you know, birdwatching has been a #SmileStory for my family for many, many years. When a birdwatcher sees a bird for the first time in their lifetime, that bird is called a life bird or a lifer. Momma Boh & I very excitedly got a life bird this morning at Nescopeck State Park: an Evening Grosbeak. This is quite a rare bird sighting for Pennsylvania and we were thrilled to be able to watch it from close lengths from the inside in the warmth of their visitors center. We were able to observe this female grosbeak preen and flit from tree to tree while feeding at their bird feeding station. If you'd like to try your luck, you can visit Nescopeck State Park at 1137 Honey Hole Rd, Drums, PA 18222. Happy birding! 🐦

Enjoy these additional photos of my mom & I having amusing ourselves with their interactive visitors center! Thank you Dianne, Amy, & staff for your hospitality! 📷

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