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Unexpected Wal-Mart Smiles

While walking into Walmart this afternoon, I noticed an elderly gentleman helping his elderly wife out of their car near the entrance to the store. I know first-hand the reality of limited mobility so upon seeing this, I rerouted my walking so I could pass by them on my way into the store. As I got closer, it was only then I noticed he was attempting to transfer her into a wheelchair. At this point, almost walking into the store myself, she began to scream. I saw that she had begun to fall. Just as her husband began to shout, by some coincidence, I was just close enough to reach out & scoop her up and then gently bear hug her close to my body before she ever hit the ground. At this point, I assisted the woman into her wheelchair...which I then saw wasn't even locked in place with its brakes. Somehow in the brief conversation I had with these two unnamed strangers after this situation, I managed to make the woman’s tears go away and even made her crack a smile. They didn't take me up on my offer to help them get their groeceries in the store, so we parted ways. ♿️ The point of this post is to hopefully encourage you to remember that even when people seemingly don't need our help, they may do. Now, more than ever as a full-time caregiver, do I realize that notion. 🙏 As I finished up my own shopping, I did happen see them as I walked past an aisle. And guess what? They both seem very content with their day. THAT is what makes me smile. THAT is my #SmileStory today. 😊

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