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Memorial Day Smiles!

Initially my “parade outfit” was inspired to cheer folks up as I passed out the Memorial Day regalia mom & I bought for her fellow patients as well as the hand-written cards we wrote out for some of the staff we know have served in the military. Now as I sit in the corner of her hospital room and knit her a red, white & blue hat, I feel like Betsy Ross in a sense! That is a statement I NEVER thought I’d say! It sure is amusing every time someone new comes in the room & sees this sight! 🇺🇸 Continuing to enjoy life’s surprises & serendipity and always remaining positive with mom! 🙏

I hope this photo makes you smile as much as it makes us! HAHA!

UPDATE: Anyone else join mom & I today and treat themselves to some Memorial Day ice cream & Italian ice? We got ours from THE BEST place in Pennsylvania, Malacari's! 🍦🇺🇸

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