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Hospital Singing Smiles!

The best moments of my day are the often unplanned and unexpected ones. And as I've been realizing, sometimes those moments occur when I sense a room needs some extra cheer. This morning, in a strange series of events, I ended up singing the chorus of Prince's "Purple Rain" for my mom's hospital room full of nurses & aids. Seeing the effect this TOTALLY unexpected song (let alone singing a song) had on everyone, I ended up singing that chorus 4 times...and each time singing it in a higher key, with the last version in my "glass breaking voice" range. 🎶

And if that wasn't enough, with every breath I took, my mother lovingly said, "Chris, stop it. Stop it, Chris," which only made the nurses laugh even more. This little *skit* which was no longer than 3 or 4 minutes definitely enhanced the mood of the morning and set the atmosphere of the day. ☀️

And then to top it off, the nurses were really thrown for a loop when mom had me sing a song I actually know & sing well for them so they didn't just think I sing goofily. And now they want an encore performance of another Broadway song tomorrow! 🎼

This is my #SmileStory of the day; this is what makes me smile. 😊

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