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Olga's Smiles!

A beautiful recount of a beautiful day by the beautiful Olga. 👠 Thank you for joining Boh the Smile Guy on the red carpet for your takeover on our Instagram account! 🥳📱 This is a wonderful behind-the-scenes look of Boh & Jessica in action! You make us smile! 👏🏆😊



So Monday, I had the ABSOLUTE honor of accompanying Chris Bohinski and his darling producer Jess to the 75th Theatre World Awards at the Neil Simon Theatre (home of the Cher Show!) with Nathan Lane receiving this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

If you didn’t know, Chris is an uplifting angel among us, who started a smile mission, NYC Smile 4 Me, to spread kindness and positivity by going on red carpets and asking one simple question, “What makes you smile?”

It is a simple question, but one that I quickly realized makes one pause for a moment to truly assess what makes oneself genuinely happy. And, as I witnessed, even caring about what causes another person’s happiness sort of stops someone in their tracks, humbling them amid the whirlwind of photographs and like interviews. It’s a beautiful thing to observe and be a small part of. I’m so grateful to Chris and Jess for having me along to shoot behind the scenes for them, and honestly I would do anything to help them continue his journey with this incredible mission.

Chris started NYC Smile 4 Me while being and continues being a full time caretaker and cheerleader for his amazing Mom while she battles cancer. And his hometown of Wilkes-Barre, PA recognized his efforts so much, they named a day of the year to be Smile Day, where the whole town gets together and celebrates everything this wonderful mission stands for.

You see, Chris and I serendipitously met in the lunchroom while both gruelingly working the US Open VIP Suites. We quickly learned we had similar life paths, both having to move home to become caretakers and cheerleaders for our respective parents battling cancer and subsequently have been best buddies since. So much so in fact, we even became pen pals and our parents were cheering on each other. We also were very like minded - believing everything in this life is a part of the journey, and even when it’s a difficult road, there is so much good and positivity surrounding us, joy to see, gratitude to express and laughter to share. I’ll never forget how he and his Mama were there for me and my family, generously calling multiple times a day during the most difficult two months of our lives, as well as helping so much with the multiple facets of my Father’s funeral day, and topping off everything with a heartfelt gift and performing a meaningful song to celebrate his being (he’s also an incredibly talented singer and performer).

Chris has done over 700+ interviews on red carpets in three years and it would make me SO happy if you would follow him and like his NYC Smile 4 Me page to show support. The world would be a far better place if there was a lot more of this special kind of selfless magic in it. ✨

I’m the luckiest to have crossed paths with you, my dear friend. And, you are forever our #smilestory !!

**Here’s some photos/videos to give a little sneak peek of the magic Chris brings to this world and of 22+ interviews grabbed! I’ll share the video when it’s available ❤️

**PS. What makes YOU smile? 😊✨💕

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