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Social Smiles!

Smile thanks to our 5 new #SmileStory contributor SUPERSTAR Instagram followers: Jessica Frances Dukes, Chad Beguelin, Bonnie Milligan, Stan Ponte, and Andre De Shields! 🙌😀

And an extra special smile thanks to Broadway Bound Photos for these wonderful photographs from the Drama League Awards! 📷

You too can follow @NYCSmile4Me & these folks on Instagram HERE!

Jessica Frances Dukes & Boh the Smile Guy
Chad Beguelin & Boh the Smile Guy
Bonnie Milligan & Boh the Smile Guy
Stan Ponte & Boh the Smile Guy
Andre De Shields & Boh the Smile Guy

#SmileStory #BohtheSmileGuy #ChrisBohinski #Happiness #Joy #NYCSmile4Me #Positivity

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