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Slushie Smiles!

Yesterday, mom asked if I would get slushies for the folks working day shift here in the hospital. (Mom has been drinking them quite frequently and everyone always comments on how refreshing they look.) When I returned, each nurse and aid came to mom's room for their surprise. They were all so very grateful and appreciative of this gesture and valued it a bit extra since my mom is an she knows exactly what a nurse's daily duties entail. This idea was 100% mom! My mom is truly the best and is still glowing & beaming from all of the positive compliments & thanks given to her. One of the nurses even said she is declaring mom the "Mrs. Congeniality" of the floor! Smiles all around for everyone! One step further on mom's road to recovery! 🥤💜🙏

It was so fun to see everyone become "child-like" when choosing their flavor! Pictured are cherry, strawberry, blue raspberry, cotton candy, marshmallow, watermelon, grape, lemonade, & vanilla latte! 🍒🍓🔵🍉🍇🍋

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