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ALWAYS Smiling!

Some have made comments on how I have “put my life on hold” since I’ve moved back home to care & help my mom throughout her health battle recoveries but that honestly is the FARTHEST thing from the truth or really even valid for that matter. 💜🙏

Since I’ve been back living at home with my best friend, additions to my resume, all of which can be added to hers as well, have been a personally signed letter from Barack Obama, a NYC Smile 4 Me interview & duet with both an Oscar winner & an Emmy winner, a 6-page article in a globally reached magazine, and now just invitation from a university professor (who has witnessed first-hand mom & me’s bond with one another here in her skilled nursing facility) to come and be guest lecturers in his fall semester education classes to talk about the power of a smile & our positive spirits! 📚🏫

Always enjoying life’s surprises & serendipity, which is most definitely my #SmileStory! 🍦😀

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