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Awards Show with a New Meaning

When Momma Boh knew Boh the Smile Guy℠ had the upcoming Theatre World Awards show to attend, she bought him a brand new outfit to wear for the night. And actually, he got dressed in the hospital so she could see him in that new outfit prior to traveling to NYC to film his SmileStory℠ video filled with Tony and Emmy award winners. It is quite serendipitous that in this video, filmed 2 months before Mom passed, Boh mentions the song "River in the Rain" while chatting with one interviewee. Coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous and we would have never thought that just a few weeks after filming this, Boh would be honoring his mom by singing her that song at her funeral. So in lieu of the more funny moments from this video, please enjoy this special portion that includes video footage from her funeral.

If you would like to view the complete SmileStory℠ video, and we sure do hope you will, you can watch that HERE.

Thank you all for your continued support and love and prayers along this smile journey.


Rosemary Harris, Ernestine Jackson, & Elaine Joyce

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