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Fall into a Routine

Being an unpaid primary caregiver to my mother for 2 ½ years was the toughest and most wonderfully rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. Mom was always my focus and priority. If mom did not feel like leaving the house, I did not leave the house. If mom felt like having pancakes at 3am, I had pancakes at 3am. If mom couldn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep. Through many hospital readmissions, chemotherapy treatments, and sleepless nights, the emotional and physical demands of being a caregiver grew. And I suddenly did not “have” the time to focus on me, too. One area of my life that was affected was my own health, especially my weight. I have always struggled with my weight and have had considerable weight losses throughout the years, but now I found myself indulging in every treat imaginable. (My favorite being when mom would tell me to order walnut chicken from the local Chinese food restaurant.) And since I was really only seeing my mom on a daily basis, I felt like I could hide my weight gain from others especially by taking photos from just the right angle. In the past I used to be obsessed with the number on the scale, but I am now taking this opportunity to rid myself of that thinking. And am doing so in a public forum to hold myself more accountable. And coincidentally am using the beginning of autumn to FALL into a routine of being a healthier me. Mom always taught me that it is always important to focus on the positive. Like Pollyanna says, “You can always find something to be glad about.” I am not mad by no means for gaining these unwanted pounds, but am happy that I now have an opportunity to allow myself to find even more serendipity and joy along my journey, especially as I begin to look for work and a new place to live. And that all makes me smile. 🤓

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