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Kathy Najimy Smiles!

Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous. And that was fully reiterated to me this afternoon. Earlier today I decided to go to a local state park for some extra quiet time and journaling. I was there longer than expected, sitting on a bench while looking at the lake, and as I was leaving my sister texted me to say that Kathy Najimy was at the wine festival she was also attending. Now, Kathy Najimy isn’t just another “celebrity” for me. In recent years her character of Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act allowed for some WONDERFUL moments and memories to be shared between mom & I as we watched that film on a weekly basis...and so much so that I even included one of her lines from the movie in my portion of mom’s funeral eulogy. Now here’s where the serendipity comes into play: the state park I was just about to leave was only 10 minutes away from where my sister was!!! Kathy told my sister she’d love to take a photo with me and before I arrived, had chatted with her about how much of an impact that singular character from Sister Act had on mom & I. As I arrived, I got to thank Kathy in person for her contributions to the entertainment industry and snap a photo with her as she thanked me & my sister for our sweetness. I am just over-the-moon! And a big thanks to my sister Chesla for helping coordinate such a moment! ⛪️💜 Who would have ever thought I would meet Ms. Najimy, while in my pajamas, as she rode in a golf cart?! SO MANY SMILES! 😀

And fun fact: we also had our church's organist play "My God (My God)" from Sister Act during mom's funeral procession into church since mom would always sing along to that song when she watched the film! 🎶

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