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“Oh, that’s wonderful!”

At 95 years old, Grandma Bo continues to be an integral part of my life & am so grateful that the love and compassion and help and care my parents displayed with their parents taught me how necessary it is to show kindness to our elders. And I’m especially happy that grandma has always been up-to-date on all of my whereabouts by either chatting with her in person, when mom & I were her caregiver while she lived with us, during the many trips she made down to visit me while I lived in NYC, talking on the phone with her, sending her cards...just to name a few! And that’s why I wanted her to be the first person to know that I was just approached by Germany’s equivalent of “Good Morning America” regarding using my wine glass breaking videos in an upcoming broadcast! And her reaction? “Oh, that’s wonderful!” Or maybe did she say wunderbar?! 🇩🇪

#BohtheSmileGuy #ChrisBohinski #Happiness #Joy #Positivity #SmileStory

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