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Paolo's Surprise

Exactly 2 months ago, mom went to heaven. My siblings and their families and my life was turned upside down that day. Since then, I cannot believe the range of emotions that cycle through me on a daily basis. I lost my roommate & best friend, someone who I spoke to every hour of the day for the last 2 1/2 years. I know for me that just knowing someone is thinking about you can make the world of a if you are reading this and may be finding it tricky to find your smile today, know that I am sending good vibes into the universe just for you. And to hopefully bring you some joy right now, here is a photograph that was taken 1 week before mom's passing, when I snuck Paolo into mom's rehabilitation health care center unbeknownst to anyone. As you can tell, mom was equally as shocked as she was happy to see him! 🐕💜🙏

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