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Humbling, Self-Reflection

Just was contacted by an out-of-state middle school asking me if we could coordinate a time for me to come & speak to their students about how I remain positive in the face of, what the world views as, hardship. Not only am I humbled that somehow my joy has reached this school, but also self-reflective because every day for me is a new journey. Life has been so incredibly difficult since mom's passing especially as I begin to explore options for my housing situation & job employment. 🙏 I am happy to have opportunities like this present itself that may help me find my smile in this tougher time and which might give me more clarity for my own future path. Additionally, if anyone reading this wants to hire me for something as I try to figure things out, let me know! I'm available to host your next event, film an interview, speaking engagments, use my degrees of Chemistry & Music and Theater to bring strength to your team, bring someone a singing telegram...ya know I do have a niece and nephews that will need Christmas presents! 🎄

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