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A Special Hospital Stay

Every day for 2+ months, I walked down the same hallway to mom’s hospital room. Unfortunately mom has been no stranger to hospitals over these last few years, but this one was special. Room 715 was filled with laughs and smiles and fears and pain and so much love...more than others. The staff knew me just as much as mom because I was always by her side...many times falling asleep alongside her as we talked about what we were going to do when she was healed & discharged. One of those things we began to plan was my golden birthday, which is next month; I’ll be 29 on November 29th. That 12x12 room allowed our close bond to become even closer as we, just as we did at home, quite literally spent every waking minute with one another. I am beyond honored and proud that mom & me’s unique relationship will forever be memorialized in that hospital’s elevators, brochures, and inside the main hospital’s hallways. Today the same people who cared for mom, and cared for me in my own way at the same time, gifted me with a framed print of my own to forever remember the fun and also very challenging summer we had together during this particular hospital stay. Life is so very fragile. My love to anyone who reads this and needs a little hug. 🙏

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