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Grief Day By Day

Boh the Smile Guy is pleased to announce he has been named one of 2019's "Grief Day By Day" angels. In collaboration with creator of the globally recognized network Grief Speaks Out and award-winning author Jan Warner, Boh will help share Jan's message from her latest book with his friends, family, and even strangers. 🙌

Grief is complex. It is ever-changing and may come to us differently on any given day. Our creator, Chris Bohinski, has been dealt quite a unique hand of cards. Now approaching his 29th birthday, Chris often finds himself lonely as he begins to navigate life without either of his parents being here in the physical world. 🌎

Grief Day By Day allows you to honor your pain, makes a home for your grief, and helps you find a new way of living on the bridge between loss and life. 💛

Order your copy today HERE! 📚

And please be sure to visit Jan's Grief Speaks Out Facebook page that offers supports to all grief warriors. 💜

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