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A Truly Memorable Birthday

A truly memorable golden birthday that began last week with my friends throwing me a surprise birthday party and then a truly memorable cookie making party on my actual birthday with my siblings & their families and our grandma! Lots of laughs and smiles and tears (especially when my sister & brother gave me a book that our mom had bought for me that she had actually already written a note for me inside it of it) and good times had by all! And if you ever wondered what sugar cookies look like when 9 people forget about them baking in the oven because they are all too busy enjoying their lunch, well then just look at this photo! HAHA! Thank you everyone for making my 29th birthday so special with your love and calls and texts and messages! 🥳🍪🏅

#BohtheSmileGuy #ChrisBohinski #DocBoh #Happiness #Joy #MommaBoh #Positivity #SmileStory

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