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Nursing Home Smiles

If I ever have felt famous in my life, it’s when I walk into my grandma’s nursing home. I visit her frequently and always am so amused. As I park, there’s the 2 regular window watchers that watch me in the parking lot and then wave to me as I exit my car. Then when I walk inside, the regulars that hang out at the nurse’s station greet me with their hellos. I’m always certain to say hello to one woman’s stuffed bear “Timmy” because he’s always sitting by the entrance...and I look forward to hearing her chuckle as I have a conversation with him. As I walk to grandma’s room, I pass the activity room where one lady always has the latest newspaper clippings ready for me where my name or photo have appeared. As I pass the beauty parlor, the beautician always tells me how tall I am. And the nurses will tell me how much grandma has missed me and my sister. Then I get the normal waves from the folks in rooms that I pass who have their doors open. I arrive at grandma’s room and am greeted with the biggest smile and often happy tears from her. We hug and kiss and pray and laugh. The power of a smile is so beautiful. And as we enter into a new decade, I’m so excited to see how I will be able to use & cultivate my talents as I apply for jobs in the workforce now that my caregiving duties with mom are complete. Smile at someone today...I’m sure you will make them feel special! I know I sure do when someone smiles at me! 😊🙏💜💛

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